FAQ About EasyBox - Popup Builder

General questions

Can we decide on the landing page for the popup?

Yes, EasyBox Popup Builer app is very flexible in terms of Landing pages, for each popup you may select one of following options: Home, Product page (you may select particular product pages), Collection page (you may select one or several Collections), Products within Collections (you may select one or several Collections), Blog (you may choose one or several Blogs), Cart and Account pages.

Can I add link to the popup?

Yes, you may use Text or HTML widgets and add link to your text. In the first case you'll be using Rich text editor to do that

Are popups responsive?

Yes, each popup has 3 views: Mobile, Tabled and Desktop. You may use the same layout for all the views, or re-arrange your widgets for different views and even create different set of widgets.

Can I control timing?

Yes, you may display it only once per customer, or choose interval between once per minute and once per month (10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour and so on).


App is not working on my store for some reason, why?

App should work properly with any themes out of the box, but if you feel something is not working properly - please grant our support team access to your Store Admin so we may check and make sure everything is working properly. Please send invitation to support@nexusmedia-ua.com, and don't forget to send us an email to the same address explaining your problem.

How to grant you access to my Store Admin?

To send an invitation please go to Shopify Admin -> Settings -> Account -> Staff Members -> Add a staff member and send me an invitation. You may use following email address: support@nexusmedia-ua.com

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