FAQ About EasyImport - Etsy Importer

General questions

How to use app?

First of all you should export the products from Etsy to csv file (as far as I know it's free of charge). To do that you should perform following steps:

  1. Go to your Etsy account
  2. Follow Your Shop --> Shop Settings --> Options
  3. Open "Download data" tab
  4. Click "Download CSV" button.

This file you should use in our EasyImport Etsy Importer app. It will import all items from this file. The other import options you may set depending on your needs.

Additional information:

Etsy doesn't include digital attachments in the exported CSV files with listings data.



Import failed, what am I doing wrong?

In the most cases it's related to wrong CSV file structure. If you're editing file before import please make sure you keep it's structure untouched - otherwise our app will fail to read it properly.

In any case you may send your CSV file to our support team so we may check and let you know what exactly is wrong, and import it for you if needed (without any additional charges of course). You may send invitation to support@nexusmedia-ua.com. Please also send us an email to that address with your CSV file.

How to grant you access to my Store Admin?

To send an invitation please go to Shopify Admin -> Settings -> Account -> Staff Members -> Add a staff member and send me an invitation. You may use following email address: support@nexusmedia-ua.com

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