FAQ About Geo:Pro Geolocation Redirects

General questions

How to use Geo:Pro geolocation API?

Our app creates global easylocation.locationData object with location information, you may access it this way:


So for example to get customer country name in English you may use code like this:

var country = window.easylocation.locationData.country.names.en;


Redirect to the same page on the other Store - Domain redirect

You may check the "Domain redirect" option. With this option enabled, customers will be redirected from the page on one website to the same page on another website. In this case, our app will just replace the domain of one store and will open the same page on the other one. But it should be mentioned that the Stores should have exactly the same structure, otherwise the visitors will be redirected to the inexistent pages.


Visits from blocked countries in analytics

Even if the app works properly, you may still see visitors from blocked locations in your Shopify and Google analytics - because they really visit your page for a moment before being redirected. Yes, such an issue with analytics may be confusing, but unfortunately, we can't change it.

You see, after they visit your website for a moment, they are sent to the blank page or to another store, as a result, they can be seen in the analytics, but actually, they can't browse your website and make purchases.

Also, our app uses JavaScript to redirect customers from blocked locations, so if customers use browsers with JS disabled, our app won't be able to prevent such customers from browsing your store. However, these are rare cases.


Whitelist IP

Our app does not have an option to whitelist IPs at the moment, sorry. But you may use some VPN/proxy services to change the location to the appropriate one and bypass the redirect rule.

Also, you may try to add #redirectoff at the end of the website address and the redirect won't work in this case. Please note that if you decide to check the work of the redirect, you'll need to clear your browser cache and cookies and use an ordinary link without #redirectoff at the end. 

The app doesn't check the location every time you visit a page but remembers it not to slow down the website.


App not working on a new theme

During the installation, the app adds some code to the theme files. If you install a new theme or update your theme after the app, it will miss the required code and the app will not work. In this case, you can just go to Apps → EasyLocation and re-save the settings. Once done the app should work properly on the new theme.

If that doesn't help, you should ask for access credentials and pass the ticket to tier-2 team


“404 Page not found” error message

Most probably you have the "Domain redirect" option enabled.

You see the "Domain redirect" option can be used if you have websites with the same structures. With this option enabled, users will be redirected from the page on one website to the page with the same URL on another website. 

If you have a different page structure, you should not use this option. The users will be directed to the 404 pages if pages do not exist on the site where the redirect it performed.

If it isn’t a case, please get in touch with us at support@nexusmedia-ua.com and we’ll do our best to investigate the problem.

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