5 Must-Know Mobile Commerce Facts from Market Leaders

Posted by Denys Shchotkin on

Mobile commerce is on the rise, it is reported by BI Intelligence that by 2020 mobile commerce will amount to 45% of total e-commerce, making $284 billion in sales. All global leaders are in the know, well prepared, and keep maintaining its own statistics to make a use of it to grow their businesses. Read below interesting mobile commerce facts and statistics from the market leaders. 1. Over 58% of consumers who own a smartphone have used it for store-related shopping. (Deloitte) Holiday shopping in 2015 clearly stated that mobile shopping isn't slowing down, but continues to grow steadily. While...

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Mobile app developed for your online business offers you lots of advantages. One of them is that you can offer your customers comfortable shopping experience - no matter where they are and what device they have at their disposal, whether this is their PC, a tablet or a mobile phone. With the m-commerce overtaking web-commerce, you don`t only have to follow this trend, but get the most out of it and use all advantages of mobile apps to improve your business metrics. With mobile commerce, that combines comfortable shopping process and habitual user experience of the devices that more and more...

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