• Easter Retail - Over Half Searches on Mobile

    Easter Retail - Over Half Searches on Mobile

    Easter holiday season is coming, giving retailers a reason to get ready in advance to make the most out of the holidays opportunity.

    If you are still not sure what opportunities Easter brings to mobile commerce, NexusMedia prepared a brief post on m-commerce sales stats in 2016.

    What Easter Retail Sales Means for Shopify Mobile

    In 2016 the majority of retail searches made over Easter holiday was on mobile devices, with 500% shopping queries increase the week before Easter Sunday.

    35% of all...

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  • If You Don't Use This Chance Your Competition Will Win

    If You Don't Use This Chance Your Competition Will Win

    E-commerce grows more and more from year to year. It’s very easy to buy everything you want and need on the Internet without leaving your home: jewelry, clothes, appliances, order services, food, etc. Developing technologies and competition make vendors find new more effective methods to attract, engage consumers and stand out in the highly competitive market.

    There is a few tricks in e-commerce which give vendors, who have their store built with Shopify, a significant advantage. Among such tricks is a Shopify iOS mobile app to complement your...

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  • Hello, Mobile Marketing Trends 2017!

    Hello, Mobile Marketing Trends 2017!

    As the current m-commerce trends show, more people around the globe use their smartphones and other mobile gadgets instead of desktops. Yes, that’s the real data gathered by StatCounter in 2016. That’s why you should spend your efforts on building the efficient mobile marketing strategies to get the digital media work for your business, be that another mobile app for Shopify store or global advertising campaign. If it was a question whether you need mobile apps for acquiring larger numbers of your...

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