• Stats and Facts About Mobile Commerce in the US

    Stats and Facts About Mobile Commerce in the US

    When compared to the spreading web introduction in 1990s and in the beginning of 2000s, the mobile web is eight times faster, according to the stats provided by Nielsen. That’s one of the reasons why you should consider mobile apps as a part of the user experience that you provide to your customers. And, by the end of 2017, it’s also expected that the total amount of mobile users involved in any commercial transactions will reach two billion.

    Therefore, having a mobile app for...

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  • Mobile Payment Trends 2017

    Mobile Payment Trends 2017

    New mobile technologies have been becoming more accessible within the last decade, and it’s even more noticeable when you check the statistics of trends for last two years, be it holiday or regular online sales. It’s expected that the amount of mobile users will grow from 4.8B in 2015 to 5.5B by 2020, as the major networking solutions company Cisco provided in their forecast for mobile data traffic.

    Why Targeting Millennials Is Important

    And it’s even more relevant for millennials who are eager to try new...

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  • 3 Mistakes to Avoid in M-Commerce

    3 Mistakes to Avoid in M-Commerce

    M-commerce is all about delivering an easy way to find and read the information quickly and seamlessly, and get what you are looking for without barriers.

    Here is the three most common mistakes you should be aware of when integrate mobile experience in your e-commerce business.

    1. Mobile Commerce Equals E-commerce

    It’s one of the common and very big mistakes considering mobile commerce and e-commerce the same thing. In case you still think so, you probably do not consider mobile as a significant sales...

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