• What Merchants Have to Know About Going Mobile

    What Merchants Have to Know About Going Mobile

    Mobile has changed the way retailers do business, and the way how consumers now research and purchase goods gave merchants the new opportunity to connect and engage with the users.

    All leading retailers have incorporated mobile apps in their businesses, as they perfectly understand that going mobile is a smart step forward. According to Google, already back in 2016 over 50% of consumers used their smartphone as a part of purchase process.

    EasyMobile is the app...

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  • Mobile Commerce Trends 2017

    Mobile Commerce Trends 2017

    From year to year there are new trends in e-commerce, and some of them radically change the traditional way of doing business.

    By end of 2017 US mobile users are expected to spend over $90 billion via mobile payments, which almost doubled growth compared to mobile shopping volume spent back in 2012, that amounted to $12.8 billion spent, according to Forrester research.

    With the rapid development of mobile payment industry in the world, we don’t have to doubt that mobile commerce is the new...

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  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales results 2016

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales results 2016

    The overall year holidays sales haven’t finished yet with winter season, and particularly Christmas, approaching, but there are already definitive results for Black Friday, as well as for Cyber Monday. It was expected that online sales for retailers would get 10% boost compared to the previous year, with the exact volume reaching $117B, according to the National Retail Federation report.

    The real results of online entrepreneurs in the US were slightly different, exceeding on two out of three main shopping days, except...

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