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With EasyMobile you can build a fully native Shopify iOS app for your Shopify store within minutes and with zero coding. It integrates completely with your existing Shopify web store and uses Shopify Mobile SDK, which allows easy web and mobile store management and in-depth sales analysis - all just in one dashboard.

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Products and Services Showcase

Show your products and services in a professional way with the use of a gorgeous design, an intuitively clear mobile navigation, beautiful layouts and high quality images.

Native Shopify iOS app

Get a fully native iOS app that will please you with smooth and fast performance without glitches, unlike most of HTML cross-platform apps.

In-depth sales channels analysis

You cannot control what you cannot measure. EasyMobile allows you to identify the most effective sales channels for your business and develop your sales strategy appropriately. The app uses the Shopify Mobile SDK which integrates completely with Shopify as the Sales Channel. This enables you to have a deep insight into each sales channel statistics, configure your product and service collections display and visibility for each channel. As a result, you`ll get a detailed breakdown of each channel stats in your sales report - what your sales volumes are via the mobile app, web store, Facebook, etc.

Offline mode

Allow your customers to continue browsing your products and services even if they are offline. With our Shopify iOS app the users will be able to conveniently navigate your store and products cached in their previous sessions while they are offline, and complete their purchase once they go online again.

Instant push notifications

Stay in touch with your customers 24/7 - reach your customers whenever you want to engage with them to notify of special offering, discounts or new arrivals. Besides sending instant push notifications to your customers, you will have access to rich stats on the push notifications history and performance - the number of users reached, number of users who read the notification and jumped to your app.

Easy Shopify mobile app setup

While your mobile app setup with EasyMobile takes just a few minutes and requires zero coding, further mobile app management is not burdening either. You`ll have the full control over your app, being able to manage the app layout and color schemes, to add any content to the app dynamically, to add sliders to the home screen banner and many more.

Why Shopify?

  • Shopify is the leading cloud-based, multichannel commerce platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses;
  • Shopify powers 300,000+ businesses in more than 150 countries globally, with 1,500+ apps in Shopify App Store;
  • It allows business owners to operate their stores easily without any technical knowledge - if you have the right products to sell, Shopify has the right tools to make it a reality;
  • It is trusted by such well-known brands as Tesla Motors, Red Bull, the New York Stock Exchange, and many more.

Why EasyMobile by NexusMedia?

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EasyMobile - Shopify iOS app at best price

  • Start paying only once you are completely familiar and happy with the app;
  • Use FREE 30 days trial to feel the value;
  • Take the advantage of all benefits of m-commerce at as low as $20/month;
  • Excellent customer support is included.

Common Questions (FAQ)

I’m interested, but would like to try first. Is that possible?

Sure! We propose 30 days of FREE trial. In case you change your idea and decide not to go ahead with EasyMobile app, just remove it from your store before the trial expires, and you will not be charged any cent. Once you remove the app from your store, your iOS app in AppStore will stop working either.

PLEASE NOTE: If you decide to use our app submission service, so that we submit the app to Apple AppStore for you, you’ll be charged for this service ($100 one-time fee) separately regardless your trial period.

Do I need to have any specific skills to set up an app?

No, absolutely! The app setup is very simple, requires zero coding and no technical skills at all.

In order to help you with the app submission processes to Apple AppStore and handle this for you, we offer the paid submission service for just as low as $100 one-time fee.

All you need to do is configure the app layout and colors using our Layout editor, select Products, Collections and content to display in your app.

The paid app submission service is optional, you can submit your app to Apple AppStore independently, and we are happy to share with you the detailed guidance and answer any questions associated with the submission process.

I want a custom feature added to my app. Is it possible to customize the app?

Actually there are two ways:

  • We're constantly working on our app improvement and happy to hear from you any suggestions on how to make the app even better. In case you have a specific feature or improvement in mind, please, get in touch with us and share your thoughts. In case your suggestion is in demand, we`ll gladly add it to the app roadmap and release the feature in the next app versions.
  • If the feature or customization you require is not generic, but very specific to your store only, or you may not have time to wait for the next app releases and would like to handle the customization on your side, you may purchase our Developer package, which includes the whole app source code, and add the features you need on your own. Please contact our staff if you're interested to purchase the Developer packager.

If I purchase the app, do I get all the future updates for free?

Yes, all updates are free. You can always download the latest app version in your Shopify admin section. If you paid for our submission service in the past, we’ll submit the updated app versions for you on request. You don`t have to pay for the app submission service again.

Do I need to enroll to the paid Apple Development Program?

Yes, to submit the app to AppStore you'll need to have Apple Developer Account and enroll iOS Developer Program.

Also, if you're going to use our Submission Service, please make sure to register Organization account (not Individual one), as only Organization account allows you to invite 3rd paty developers to submit the app for you.

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