Shopify iPhone Apps

Native iPhone eCommerce app for Shopify Stores - Put Your Store in the Hands of Customers!

Create branded native e-commerce applications for iPhone that seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store. Our service allows any Shopify Store owner without any specific coding skills easily add iPhone app to his Store!

Since now you may increase your sales giving your customers much better mobile experience, and also get tons of new customers from AppStore as well.


App Overview

This app is a complete version of your store inside your customers' iPhone: collections, products, images, variants, prices. App even have built-in cart and supports secure checkout directly from the mobile device. Another important feature is that app works offline. Once beeing loaded, your collections and products will be cached and your customer will be able to review products, check description and view photos on the go even without internet connection.

All that means your client will be able to access your store at any time and whereever they are with only one touch. App provides better mobile shopping experience than any mobile version and increasing your sales!

And the most important, app will be completely branded by your store. No "powered by" notices, app is completely yours with your logo and style. You'll be able to customize layout (logo, colors, backgrounds, splash screen, icon, etc.) using our very easy to use interactive layout editor and review how will app look before it will be submitted to AppStore. You don't need to add any code yourself, absolutely no specific skills required!

Why iPhone app?

  • 56% of American adults are now smartphone owners (Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2013);
  • In May 2012 comScore data reported that on smartphones 82% of mobile media time is via apps, and not browsers. It means that your loyal customers will really prefer shop via your iPhone app and not mobile browser;
  • 10% of all retail ecommerce dollars are spent via mobile or tablet;
  • Retailers’ apps take up the most of consumers’ time at 27%. (Source: AdMedia Partners, 2013);
  • And finally 43.5% of mobile users are using iPhone and 53.8% of tablet user are iPad owners (IDC’s full-year estimates for 2012).

Large e-commerce websites like eBay or Amazon are making billions of dollars in sales via native mobile apps.

Native mobile apps are also great for your brand and building relationship with your customers.

Hassle Free Submissions

AppStore submission can be quite tricky and time consuming. That's why we manage the submission and provide priority support for all our clients. We manage the complexity of making iPhone app live so you can focus on running your business!


1. Do I really need iPhone app for my Store?

Apps are really great feature for any store. You customers will be able to review your products "on the go" wherever they are: at home, in cafe, in the traffic jam, etc. They even don't need to have active internet connection! They may show your products to their friends during the lunch in the restaurant, for example. They may even place an order directly from the app as secure as on the website!

2. Do I need to have any specific skills to set up an app?

No, absolutely! We'll ask you to send us some graphics required for the app (like your Store logo in high resolution) and choose your app design using online design tool on our website, but even these easy steps may be performed by our stuff if you would like.

3. I need another feature, may you add it to my app?

Actually, there are two ways. We're constantly improving our applications, so you may suggest us a feature and in case it will be interested for most of our clients we'll add it in the next releases.

If you feature is specific for your store only or you don't have time to wait, we are always happy to create your very custom e-commerce app for you at very affordable price. In that case you'll need to choose our Developer packagewhich includes app source code, and we'll add any additional feature you need. Please contact our staff if you're interested.

4. Will I get all the future updates for free?

Yes, all updates are free. As we use your Apple Developer Account for app submission please contact us if you would like to update your app and we'll do that shortly. Note: Developer plan owners will receive updates as an updated source code, our submission service is not included and should be discussed individually.