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Shopify custom order form to replace default checkout. The best solution for Cash-on-Delivery and Pre-orders.

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Key Benefits

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The simplified order process for cash-on-delivery (COD) purchases

We all love comfort, don't we?! Your customers are no exception - the ability to make a pre-order on Shopify in a few clicks increases the loyalty of your customers, which means they will return to your store again order in one single click with simple popup form.

Improve your conversion rate for COD orders. Let your customers submit a quick order in one single click with simple popup form. Improve your conversion rate for COD orders.

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Visual drag-and-drop order form builder with various types of fields

We all love comfort, don't we?! You are no exception - a simple and easy-to-use drag-and-drop User Interface builder lets you build the perfect order form for your Shopify store. Increase the conversion rate for COD orders by placing only necessary fields into the order popup.

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Control and track abandoned carts

Struggling with complicated checkout processes - is one of the most common reasons customers have to abort their order processes. EasyOrder app simplifies the purchase process and allows the merchant to control and track all abandoned orders. Keep in touch with your customers - tell them about the list of products they left with recovery notifications.

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Draft Order or Regular Order

You can handle orders placed via a custom order form as draft or regular orders - just choose the option that is most suitable for you.

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Automatically email invoices or order confirmations to customer

Automation of routine work - we all are looking for it, and the EasyOrder app provides it! You can automatically send invoices and order confirmations to your clients. Including a list of products, tax, and delivery information - all these little things let you generate more leads and satisfied clients.

Easy-to-use UI builder

Drag-and-drop UI builder allows anyone to cope with the creation of an attractive interface without a single line of code.

AOV and revenue growth

Replace complex checkout with single-step one. Interface complexity will no longer be a reason to abandon a purchase.

Automatic invoicing

Free your time to do marketing, not accounting. Invoices or order confirmations will be sent automatically.

 Hypothesis testing

Merchants can check the demand for a product before starting trading - Collect pre-orders and deliver when you have them in stock.


Perfect Princess Beds
Excellent support solved my issue in a couple of emails! Would not hesitate to use again on our other stores.
I used EasyOrder to create an online entry form for our rein cow horse club. https://midstatecowhorseassociation.com/collections/horse-show-classes I found the tool easy to use and integrate...
I am highly recommended, and the support is quick and efficient. I would give it the highest rating!
Atelier La Vie Apothicaire
L'application est super! Le service à la clientèle est excellent et super rapide!!! Je recommande pour vos formulaires personnalisé.
NSCC #ReadAtlantic
We use this app to allow for draft orders to be created using free codes that we assign, approve, and then process the orders. Customer...
Zoon Trading I Online Shopping
Great, EasyOrder help me too much to increase my COD orders, Thank you so much, I will use it always in all my shopify store..
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Smart EasyOrder integrations
Popular marketing tools
Flexible EasyOrder form placement
Fully customizable form


All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

7 day free trial,
then $10/month

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any free trial?

For sure! We added a free 7-day trial to let you test the application and decide on using it with your Shopify store.

Is customer support available?

Yes! Our technical support works 24/7 to help you at any time. So when you choose NexusMedia applications, you can be sure - you are in good company and will not face difficulties alone.

How to set up a pre-order on Shopify?

Most of Nexusmedias' applications are easy to use. EasyOrder is not an exception - simply install the app, pass through a simple step-by-step guide, and you are done! Your Shopify store is ready to collect pre-orders.

Can I add the EasyOrder app to my Shopify store for Free?

Yes! You can use a 7-day Free Trial to collect pre-orders on your store.

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Who is the EasyOrder App for?

You definitely need EasyOrder if:

  • If you don't accept online payments and your store works only with Cash on Delivery.
  • If some products are out of stock now - you can safely utilize EasyOrder's pre-order functionality and don't lose your customers. Keep collecting orders and deliver when they are back in stock.
  • Studying the market before starting a business allows you to easily collect pre-orders from your potential customers
  • If you need extra fields in your order form or some of them are excessive. EasyOrder lets you customize your form as you need.
Why does work Nexusmedia apps?

How does EasyOrder work?

Our app adds a single-click checkout popup which you can add to a Product page, Cart page, or Custom Placement.
All the orders placed via the pre-order form will appear as draft or regular orders in your Shopify dashboard. A customer account will be created automatically, like the native Shopify checkout process.

Keep in mind: All orders submitted via the EasyOrder app will appear as Not Paid and Not Fulfilled orders in your dashboard.

Why to use Nexusmedia apps?

Why use the EasyOrder app?

The EasyOrder application works out of the box right after the installation and requires neither coding skills nor additional theme customization.

After you set up a pre-order on Shopify, you won't need to track products in stock manually - the EasyOrder app will automatically replace the standard button with the Shopify pre-order button for all out-of-stock products.

Moreover, the app allows you to: apply discounts to products, analyze advanced Shopify pre-order statistics by searching and filtering products, update the popup window's design, and more highly customizable features to fit your business needs.