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How to activate social accounts from our store in EasyAuth  app?

There's no way to re-activate social connect created via another app. EasyAuth Social Login app allows to login via social network for customer who created account via our app only. It was developed this way because to log customer in automatically our app has to set one-time password for their account. That's only approach possible with Shopify (except on Shopify Plus). If we'll do that for account that was created manually (with login and password), customer won't be able to login with his password anymore, so it will be very confusing for your customers.

In other words, you may just remove those accounts, and then customers will be able to login again via our app. But you may lost some accounts if they won't login again. Otherwise, they will get error message that they already have an account, but should login with their email and password.


Buttons disappear after new theme installation, why?

During app installation it adds some code to your Theme's templates. If you installed new theme after the app, it will miss required code and app will not work.

The easiest way to fix that is go to your theme, open templates/customer/login.liquid and templates/customer/register.liquid add following line immediately after {% form 'customer_login' %} or {% form 'create_customer' %} code:

{% include 'social-sign-in' %}

If it won't help, please grant our support tean access to your Store Admin, and we'll add required code to your templates, and make sure app is working properly. Please send invitation to and don't forget to send us an email explaining your problem.

I'm keep getting error message "It seems you already have an account...", why?

This message means that there already is a Customer Account in your Shopify Store with the same email address which is used in your FB account, and this account was created directly with email/password. In that case our app can not log you in (as in this case we'll need to change account password to temporary one-time password according to app architecture, and customer will not be able to login with email/password anymore), and can not create new account, as email should be unique according to Shopify logic.

In other words, if customer would like to login via social network account, he should create his account via social network also. And vice versa, if he created his account with email/password, he'll need to use email/password to login.

App adds +sociallogin suffix to Gmail accounts. How to remove them?

App really has this logic for login via Google. In case your Store already has account connected to given email address our app can not use it to login via Social account. So for other Social networks you'll just get error message that you already have account created directly with email and password.

But Google support so called aliases. It means that you may add +<something> to your email address and it will still work properly. So our app creates another customer account for that alias email address. Customer will still be able to get notifications sent to that email address, so it will not affect your marketing.

And of course, if that email is NOT in your customer database yet, that suffix will NOT be added.

How to grant you access to my Store Admin?

To send an invitation please go to Shopify Admin -> Settings -> Account -> Staff Members -> Add a staff member and send me an invitation. You may use following email address:

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