• How to track conversions with EasyOrder app for Shopify using Google Analytics

    EasyOrder app push special event to your Google Analytics on order submission, so you may use this event to create Goals and track your conversions.

    To make it work with your store you should perform the following steps...

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  • How to find MailChimp URL

    Here's how you may find Mailchimp URL to use in EasyBox app subscription widget.

    STEP 1 of 9 Log in to your MailChimp account and go to Lists:

    Step 2 of 9: Please click the “Create List” button and create a mailing list for people to sign up for:

    Step 3 of 9: Proceed with the creation:

    You’ll see the form:

    Step 4 of 9: Fill all the required fields and save the changes:

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  • How to add tabs to the Shopify product page


    If you have a lot of product information on your page, you may find it a headache to navigate, configure & maintain all the content and make it readable. If you have overloaded page, you can either add tabs to product page & create a structure to organize your data which will prevent the page from becoming too “heavy” just press one button and install the app, or you...

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