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EasyOrder - Quick Shopify Order Form

EasyOrder: The Ultimate Order Form Solution for Your Shopify Store to replaces long checkout with single-step order form for Cash-on-Delivery & Pre-orders.

Depending on your country and niche of products, the Cash-on-delivery (COD) option in your store can be decisive for the client when making a purchase decision.

EasyOrder - Order Form for COD” by Nexusmedia - is an "easy like a pie" solution to add a functional and customizable Cash-on-delivery form to your Shopify store. Take a deep breath and prepare to raise your shop's conversion rate and AOV with a simple application.

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The simplified order process for cash-on-delivery (COD) purchases

We all love comfort, don't we?! Your customers are no exception - the ability to make a pre-order on Shopify in a few clicks increases the loyalty of your customers, which means they will return to your store again order in one single click with simple popup form.

Improve your conversion rate for COD orders. Let your customers submit a quick order in one single click with simple popup form. Improve your conversion rate for COD orders.

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Visual drag-and-drop order form builder with various types of fields

We all love comfort, don't we?! You are no exception - a simple and easy-to-use drag-and-drop User Interface builder lets you build the perfect order form for your Shopify store. Increase the conversion rate for COD orders by placing only necessary fields into the order popup.

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Control and track abandoned carts

Struggling with complicated checkout processes - is one of the most common reasons customers have to abort their order processes. EasyOrder app simplifies the purchase process and allows the merchant to control and track all abandoned orders. Keep in touch with your customers - tell them about the list of products they left with recovery notifications.

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Draft vs. Regular

Merchants can manage all orders placed via a pre-order form as draft or regular orders - simply choose the most suitable option.

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Automatically email invoices or order confirmations to customer

Automation of routine work - we all are looking for it, and the EasyOrder app provides it! You can automatically send invoices and order confirmations to your clients. Including a list of products, tax, and delivery information - all these little things let you generate more leads and satisfied clients.

Easy-to-use UI builder

Drag-and-drop UI builder allows anyone to cope with the creation of an attractive interface without a single line of code.

AOV & revenue growth

Replace complex checkout with single-step one. Interface complexity will no longer be a reason to abandon a purchase.

Automatic invoicing

Free your time to do marketing, not accounting. Invoices or order confirmations will be sent automatically.

Hypothesis testing

Merchants can check the demand for a product before starting trading - Collect pre-orders and deliver when you have them in stock.

Create and use as many types of field as you need
Social Marketing combinations
Smart EasyOrder app Integrations
Flexible Order Form placement


Perfect Princess Beds
Excellent support solved my issue in a couple of emails! Would not hesitate to use again on our other stores. Excellent support solved my issue...
Perfect Princess Beds
Great app does exactly what is says it does and at a great price. The support team are also amazing, I had an issue adding...
Perfect Princess Beds
Awesome app! Really cool and unique feature for shopify stores :) I'm selling dark iphone cases and samsung cases. This gamifys my storefront.
Perfect Princess Beds
Den was so helpful, he actually, patiently listened to our various suggestions and feel on how the spin feature would work best for our homepage,...
Perfect Princess Beds
Cool and easy to use application, support also works very efficiently and helpfully. I honestly recommend!
Perfect Princess Beds
I love the customer service! Its A++++++++. I was having problems with having my products not spinning and they were able to do it for...
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All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

7 day free trial,
then $10/month


How do I set up a sale using the EasySale app?

It's as easy as pie - install the application and pass through the simple step-by-step. No code skills are required.

Can I schedule recurring sales with the EasySale app?

Yes, recurring sales are one of the leading apps’ features. You can use different time frames to run sales automatically.

How do I update sale prices for specific products or collections using EasySale?

EasySales flexibility lets merchants bulk update prices,  specific collections’ prices, or single products. You can also use the tagging feature to build product combinations and manage prices.  

Can I use the EasySale app to set up a countdown timer for my sales?

Of course! We have a built-in countdown timer because this is an integral functionality while running sales or other promotions.

Can I track and analyze my sales history using the EasySale app?

Yes! All past sales are collected in the dashboard. So you can analyze it and consider it while planning future sales.

Can I try EasySale by Naxesmedia for free?

And once again, yes - we have a seven-day FREE trial to let you test all features and take a weighted decision.

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Who is the Shopify App for?

EasyLockdown app can be helpful for most eCommerce businesses.

Retailers can provide early access to products for a particular group of customers or make the content only viewable via a specific link used in ads.

Wholesalers can restrict access and control who can view their wholesale stores.

Merchants selling retail and wholesale can create two separate versions of the site and make it accessible to appropriate users with the EasyLockdown app.

Everyone who sells digital products - you'll finally get rid of sharing purchased goods. This solution will let you increase users' return rate, thus, will result in an income increase.

How does the App work?

The app is easy to use and doesn't require any coding skills. It is designed to create different types of lockdowns based on the login status, password, tags, location, orders, etc.

If location-based locks are enabled, the app determines the visitor's location from GeoIP and grants/forbids access to the content, depending on the settings.

In the case of password-based locks, the pages are locked on the browser side. In addition, we add no index tags to tell Google to exclude such pages from the index and prevent search engines from indexing the content.

And if you use customer-based locks, the content is locked on the server side, so search engines won't be able to index it.

However, in any case, if Google already indexes the content, it would only disappear after a few days or even weeks after Google will re-indexed locked pages and detect the 'Noindex' directive.

Personal Information

EasyLockdown may access the following personal information depending on the lockdown rules created: blog commenter e-mail addresses, IP addresses, browser user agents, customer names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses.

Despite having access to all that content, our app never stores even a fragment of sensitive information in our databases or backups. Instead, we keep only the conditions set in the app admin (lockdown settings), which are checked using the liquid code on the store. Therefore, neither IDs, tags, nor the location of specific users is stored in our database or logs. And, of course, the data isn't exported to any physical media.

Why use the app?

This is a great way to optimize the work of your Shopify store manager. With EasyLockdown, your website will get a handy tool for organizing content control. Make customers’ experience the best with the organization of your online shop workspace. The Shopify hide price feature is perfectly implemented in EasyLockdown, and you can fully manage the content of your store pages:

block your store to non-logged-in customers; users must log in to the platform to access the blocked content;

hide prices for unauthorized users;

reveal prices only for the B2B customers;

create wholesale items with different prices and tags available to a limited group of customers;
give entry to some selected products to customers who have more than XX orders, have spent more than $YYYYY, or have purchased specific stuff;

give access to pre-order products for subscribers only.

Use the free trial period to evaluate the app's benefits and see if it's useful for your store.