Let your customers to make easy
product listings migration

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Import products from your CSV file that you got from Etsy to Shopify in two clicks or automatically import Etsy catalog directly to Shopify

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Assign products to collections while importing, configure inventory policy, collections to assign and other import options

Etsy account connection

Connect your Etsy account for import products in one click

Import from file

Download your listings from Etsy, upload it from below and select import options

Import settings

Skip duplicates, import varients and publish imported products immediately

Inventory policy

Choose default inventory policy that we’ll set for all the varients of the imported products


Add imported products to Collections in one click

Additional settings

Choose vendor, product type and add “overview” label to the end of description

Discount code

Add discounts code to your product lists


Migrate your products easily from Etsy to Shopify

What people are saying about EasyImport


I am so grateful for this app. I started my shop last month and was looking for an app to migrate my Etsy items over to Shopify. This app was...

Pasefika Sunrise
October 4, 2022

Just OMG! I have been looking for a decent, easy to use Migration App. I needed to migrate about 50 (select) items from my Etsy to my Shopify. It was...

Recovery Bling
July 11, 2022

Totally perfect app, thank you :) easy, cheap and quick. totally perfect app, thank you :) easy, cheap and quick.

June 10, 2022

This app saved me countless hours copying my listings from my Etsy shop. It gives you a chance to weed through anything you may have selected on accident before import....

June 10, 2022

I used this app to migrate my Shopify into Etsy and while my import has not completed yet, it has been pretty smooth thus far and i appreciate that these...

March 24, 2022

I really loved this app. It saved me SOOOO much time and grief exporting about 300 products from Etsy to my Shopify shop! I didn't have to deal with the...

Constant Baubling
October 10, 2020

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