Add Local Delivery & Takeout
(Local Pickup) to your Store

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Choose local delivery method. Enter your postal code and other delivery details

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Choose local pickup to see restaurant location, select delivery details and payment method

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Continue to fill in the pickup or delivery details such like payment method and phone number

Clear dashboard

Manage your orders quickly in one place

Local pickup

Specify the local pickup settings to suit your working hours

Local delivery

Specify your local delivery settings to set proper delivery cost, add zip codes, etc.

Standard shipping

Implement standard shipping via default Shopify checkout procedure

Store details

Add adresses, opening hours, etc. to you store

Delivery area

Add zip code and uptime for your delivery


Choose billing methods for your customers


Activate subscription for your themes to make your store more attractive

What people are saying about TakeOutApp


App settings are easy and straightforward to navigate. Customer Service is great, very quick to respond when there is an issue, and very helpful.

Naturally Healthy Pet
September 28, 2022

Wonderful app. The customer can clearly choose from the given options how the order should be deliverd (via parcel or local delivery or pick up).
Customer service from...

May 8, 2022

Outstanding Customer Service! The whole team went the extra mile to create custom settings to suit our store policy

Kwikcare Corporation
November 25, 2021

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