How to import your database to EasySearch app

If you have some spreadsheet containing your products and models that these products are related to, then you may import that database and set up your search widget pretty easily. 

STEP 1. Adjust your CSV file structure.

Our app may read your spreadsheet in CSV format, and table should have certain structure. First columns are your search fields you set in Form Editor section of our app. So, for example, you have four fields: Make, Model, Year and Submodel.

 Adjust your CSV file structure

In that case first four columns in your spreadsheet should be Make, Model, Year and Submodel also. Last column should be titled as URL.

NOTE: It's very important to keep the same order as in your Form Editor. First line of the file are columns headers and will be ignored during import.

So each line in your spreadsheet per is one particular model, for example: Honda - Civic - 1996-2000 - Hatchback:

So each line in your spreadsheet per is one particular model, for example: Honda - Civic - 1996-2000 - Hatchback

Last URL column is where you should list products that fit that particular model There're several ways to do that which our app will recognize properly:

1) URL: https:/, collection URL, collection filtered by tag or even URL to 3rd party website - whatever you need

2) List of product handles, comma separated: product1, product_name2

3) List of product SKUs, comma separated: PRD1_SKU, PRD2RD_SKU, PRD3_SKU

When your spreadsheet will be ready - export it to CSV format, and move forward to the second step.

STEP 2. Import your file

Go to our app settings -> Manual Database Editor tab and click Import Database button in the top right corner. 

On that page select your CSV file in Import CSV field and click Import.

Please note, depending on your CSV file size, import may be pretty time consuming. App will display notification box indicating that import is still in progress. When it will disappear - feel free to go to your storefront and check your search form

Any questions? Please feel free to contact our support team by email, we're always happy to help!

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