How to Make a FAQ Page on Shopify?

How to Make a FAQ Page on Shopify?
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An FAQ page is vital to this communication, answering common questions and resolving uncertainties. This article guides you on creating a compelling FAQ page on Shopify using the powerful EasySlide Accordion Tabs & FAQ application. This user-friendly app transforms your content into interactive accordion tabs, making it easier for customers to find the information they need. Harnessing the benefits of EasySlide, you can enhance your customer's experience and boost your site's SEO performance. Let's delve into the process.

EasySlide - Shopify Accordion tabs & FAQ page app

EasySlide - Accordion tabs & FAQ Page app

Accordion tabs for your Product Page and FAQ pages.

What is the Shopify FAQ Page?

A Shopify FAQ page - is an essential section of an e-commerce store where frequently asked questions (FAQs) are presented and answered. This dedicated space is a repository of valuable information that customers often seek, such as shipping policies, payment methods, return procedures, and product details.

The FAQ page helps bridge the information gap, allowing customers to make informed purchase decisions. Using the EasySlide Accordion Tabs & FAQ application, these FAQs can be organized into neat, collapsible accordion tabs.

Why Add a FAQ Page to Your E-commerce Store?

Integrating a FAQ page into your Shopify store yields a wealth of advantages. It serves as a self-service platform where customers can swiftly discover answers to their queries. This immediate access to information not only enhances the user experience but also fosters a sense of confidence and satisfaction in the shopping journey.

Also, a well-organized FAQ page can help improve your store's SEO and drive organic traffic by providing relevant content that search engines can crawl; you can also use the most vital keywords on the FAQ page.

The Benefits of an Effective FAQ Page

An effective FAQ page goes beyond merely answering questions. It enhances customer trust, provides essential product information, and boosts your store's SEO ranking. You can expect increased customer satisfaction and improved sales with an adequately structured FAQ page.

Which benefits you will get from the FAQ section:

  • Decrease the load on your customer support staff
  • Improve customer trust and satisfaction
  • Boost your store's SEO performance

How to Make an Effective FAQ Page

1. Answer Common Customer Questions

Your contact form, support tickets, and product reviews can be the best source to find questions that your customers are interested in. But you must constantly research and find more relevant topics to disclose in your FAQ to ease your customer's minds.

2. Write Clear Answers to Questions

The presentation of your answers plays a pivotal role in shaping customer perception. While your answers should reflect a deep understanding of the product or issue, avoid overwhelming the audience with excessive information. Craft your Shopify FAQs using your customer's language and viewpoint, with questions like "How do I...?"" and provide answers from your business's perspective, such as "You should..." or "We can provide...". This approach balances the customer voice with clear and concise information.
Use a friendly tone to make the responses relatable and customer-centric.

3. Create Your FAQ Page

Utilize the EasySlide Accordion tabs & FAQ application to create an FAQ page that is easy to navigate and consume information. This Shopify app automatically transforms FAQ page content into accordion tabs, improving readability and user experience.

4. Make Your FAQ Page Visible

The FAQ page should be accessible from your store's navigation menus. This visibility ensures customers can quickly find answers to their questions.

Place the link to your help center into all navigation menus. Also is a good idea to integrate an FAQ directly into your product page. You can make it a part of your product description or post it at the bottom of the page, near customer reviews.

How to Set Up an FAQ Page in Shopify with EasySlide app: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Install the EasySlide Accordion Tabs & FAQ app

Install the EasySlide app from the Shopify App Store and complete a simple start setup.

install the EasySlide app

Step 2: Activate the app and save theme settings

Activate the app by pressing the “Installation” button in the top banner or navigate to the “Installation” option in the left sidebar app’s menu. Follow simple instructions on the “Installation” tab and activate the EasySide app for the necessary theme.

Activate the app and save theme settings

Step 3: Add Your FAQ Page

After the app is activated, go to the “FAQ pages” section from the menu in the left sidebar. On the “FAQ pages,” press the “Add page” button - a new FAQ page will be created.

Add Your FAQ Page

Step 4: Fill the Shopify FAQ template with content and publish it

Click "Edit page" on the newly created page - you’ll be navigated to the editor, where you can add all the necessary information. Fill out your Freaquence Asked Questions page and save it.

Add content to the new Shopify FAQ page

Step 5: Make Your FAQ Page Visible

When you are ready, content is added, and you double-checked it - it's time to publish the FAQ page. To do that, simply activate the “Status” toggle.

Publish FAQ page activating it

Step 6: Add Your FAQ Page to Your Store's Navigation

After creating the page, include it in your site's main navigation to ensure easy access.

include Shopify FAQ page link to store navigation


Creating a great FAQ page on Shopify is a simple process that can significantly enhance your store's customer experience and SEO performance. With the right approach, an FAQ page on Shopify is a simple process that can substantially improve your store's customer experience. Ensure your FAQ page is optimized for search engines. Utilize header tags correctly and consider adding schema markup.

EasySlide - Shopify Accordion tabs & FAQ page app

EasySlide - Accordion tabs & FAQ Page app

Accordion tabs for your Product Page and FAQ pages.


Can I Customize the Design of My FAQ Page on Shopify?

Absolutely. Shopify allows for extensive customization of your FAQ page. You can adjust the layout, colors, fonts, and more to match your brand identity.

How Do I Create a Collapsible Accordion in Shopify?

The EasySlide Accordion tabs & FAQ application enables you to create collapsible accordion tabs effortlessly. Just add your content, and the app will do the rest.

How Many Questions Should I Include on My Shopify FAQ Page?

The number of questions depends on your customers' needs. However, aim for comprehensiveness to satisfy your customers. Typically, 10-20 questions and answers cover the most important directions of the store. Anyway, you need to consider the necessary quantity based on the specifics of your Shopify store and the goods you are selling.


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