Comments Plus: Shopify blog comments - new feature

Comments Plus: Shopify blog comments - new feature

Big News! Comments Plus:blog comments App by NexusMedia brings you an amazing update for your Shopify blog! Now your customers can effortlessly delete and edit their comments!

Native Shopify comments have been missing these essential capabilities, but we've stepped up and filled the gap.

Here's what your customers will love:

1️⃣ Edit Comments: Made a mistake? Missed something important? No problem! They can now freely edit their comments anytime. Fix typos, update information, and make sure their message shines.

2️⃣ Delete Comments: Change of heart? Irrelevant comment? Deleting is a breeze! With our new feature, they can easily remove comments they no longer want. Simplify their space in just a few clicks!

Comments Plus: Shopify blog comments app

Comments Plus: blog comments

Supercharge blog comments: threads, likes, rich text editor, images, usability, DISQUS integration.

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