EasyTabs - New Tabs Types and Apps Integration

EasyTabs - New Tabs Types and Apps Integration

We are happy to announce fresh updates to the EasyTabs app to make your product descriptions more functional, engaging, and appealing.

What's new:

1️⃣ Added Liquid Tabs: Dive deeper into customization! You can now add a "Liquid tab" and use liquid code that will be executed on the storefront.

2️⃣ Added PDF Tabs: Want to share detailed product guides or manuals? Create a "PDF tab" and include a direct link to your PDF file. PDF will be displayed on the storefront in a user-friendly manner.

3️⃣ Fera Reviews Integration: We've integrated with the "Fera Reviews" app, allowing you to display reviews from Fera directly in a tab.

Easy Tabs ‑ Shopify Product Tabs app

EasyTabs ‑ Shopify Product Tabs

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