🌟 Exciting Update for EasyImport - product statuses.

🌟 Exciting Update for EasyImport - product statuses.

Great news for EasyImport users! We're excited to roll out a new feature that gives you more control, making your Etsy-to-Shopify product imports more flexible!

What's New?
Previously, all products imported from Etsy directly landed in your Shopify store as 'Active'. Now, you have the power to decide how they appear! Choose from three statuses for your imported products:
- Active Product
- Draft Product
- Archived Product

How to Use This Feature?

It's simple! During the import process:
1. Navigate to the 'Import Settings' on the second step.
2. Scroll down to 'Additional Settings' and expand it.
3. Select your desired status in the 'Product Status' section.

That's it - all products will get an earlier selected status in your Shopify store.

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Happy Importing!
The NexusMedia Team.

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