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EasyLockdown by NexusMedia provides merchants with comprehensive functionality to control access to the online store, store areas, products, and content. Rich functionality and flexible options make our application an ideal tool. 

Let's take a detailed look into the application's functionality because hiding product prices or whole store sections - is a small piece of its features.

EasyLockdown Features

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Access permissions –  Shopify pages lockdown

There are a lot of different business models that need to control access flexibly. Using EasyLockdown, any merchant will quickly set up such control in their Shopify store with many criteria like customers lists, who can access the content; grant access to any group of customers flagged by tags; depending on the number of orders;  based on the volume of spent money; customer geolocations, etc.

You can select customers or customer groups to manage their access to different parts of the e-commerce store.

One of the advantages of such control - is to block untrustworthy customers or limit their ability to visit the store. In addition, it prevents bots and scammers from accessing your Shopify store.

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 Content to lock – Select content you’d like to lockdown

Merchants can manage the types of content they want to limit access to content pages, product pages, product collections, blog articles, shopping carts, or even the entire website.

You can also add exceptions to your lockdowns for even more flexibility: lock the whole collection of products except some of them or lock the entire website except certain pages.

Content lockdown will be a convenient solution for merchants selling digital products like online courses, music, video streaming, PDFs, or any paid subscription. 

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Hide product prices and "Buy" buttons

Limiting access to prices for specific customer groups could be critical for your business model. For example, you can set variable prices on the same products if the user visits your site from a different region. Including a delivery price or extra fees to the product price looks fantastic, isn't it? GEOip detection mechanism would let you do it very easily.

No matter whom you sell your products to, B2B or B2C - our Shopify app will help you divide prices for different user groups in a couple of clicks.

Are you able to sell products only to registered users? - No problem, hide the "Buy" or "Add to Cart" buttons for your site guests. This will help you make deals with trusted people and encourage users to register in your store.

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Lock Shopify store by customers’ geolocation - Region-wise access control

Restrict the ability to visit the site and its sections or order goods based on such location parameters as:

  • exact IP address, IP addresses list, or IP range 
  • Country, City
  • Contents, with the option to exclude some countries.

For example, this functionality will be convenient for telling users that you can't deliver goods to their region or they'll have extra fees or delivery costs.

Comfort and ease of usage

Completely lock down your entire site in a single click; Limit access to certain Products, Collections, Blogs, URLs, or Pages simultaneously.

Locking by schedule

Enable or Disable locks using a schedule (daily, weekly, monthly). Permanent or recurring blocking - any option is available to meet your business needs.

Flexible blocking control

Access control using a flexible rule constructor based on Ordered products, Number of Orders, Amount Spent, Order Dates, Customer Tags, Locations.

GeoIP-based lock mechanism

GeoIP-based lock lets merchants limit access based on location, including locks by state, country, or continent, excluding some countries.

Spot applying

Shopify wholesale lock manager let's specify the products you want to lock or exclude some products from the bulk lock.

External lock data sources

You can upload customers' email addresses from a CSV file to use them with lockdowns. Protect your online store from untrustworthy customers.

Prices and buttons managing

The ability to lock or hide prices, "Buy" buttons, or Prices only ("Login for Price" feature).

Behavior-based locking

Set the time frame range to keep the content locked till the next client visit. Redirect customers to the standard login form, your custom page, or a specific URL.

Simple Dashboard
Usable Exclusions
Sticky Lockdown Overview
Easy Lock Creation Wizard


All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

7 day free trial,
then $9/month

About EasyLockdown ‑ Wholesale Locks

About EasyLockdown ‑ Wholesale Locks

EasyLockdown – Wholesale Locks: restrict access to content, lock store,hide product prices. EasyLockdown App is an access management tool for Shopify stores. 

With EasyLockdown, a page lock app, you will:

  • protect your online store;
  • regulate the access to any type of content: Pages, Products, Collections, Blogs, and Cart  in your online store;
  • hide your prices from the general public with the 'Login to see price' feature
  • add more precise access rules with any combination of customer information

Install the app and easily hide product prices or whole store sections in one click!

EasyLockdown app can be helpful for any eCommerce business:

  • Retailers can provide early access to products...

What people are saying about EasyLockdown


Perfect to block specific content. Easy to install and great functionality. Very fast and friendly support.

Bone Brox
January 13, 2023

Excellent app, it meets what I needed, after I needed technical support, they communicated quickly and gave me a solution, even with the time difference.
It allowed me...

November 30, 2022

This app is so easy! I have a small wholesale business (mostly retail), and this is perfect for what I need to do. I installed and set it up in...

Love Cacao
November 17, 2022

App is easy to use and works great, contacted support for some guidance and received quick support, good team behind this app!

My Gemstones
September 28, 2022


September 21, 2022

I really like this app everything is working perfectly. Help me to hide some products for regular customers. Support was fast and useful.

August 31, 2022

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How long is a free trial?

The free trial period is 7 days. To unlock additional features, use the premium plan.

How do I install an application on my Shopify store?

All you need to do is go to the App Store, download it to your account, and activate it in your control panel. After that, set up your filters and use the benefits of the service.

Is there any free trial?

Sure. You can use almost all of the features for free, but with a number of limitations. Read more about them in the "Price" section.

Is technical support available?

Yes. Our specialists are available 24/7 and will help you with any questions about the app.

How to lock a page on Shopify?

Set up a filter in the app by adding the appropriate fields and links to activate it.

Can I lock a single page on Shopify?

Absolutely. Just create a filter and link it to the necessary page.

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