EasyLockdown for Ecwid is not available in Ecwid App Market anymore

On May 12, 2022, we had to temporarily unlist EasyLockdown app in the Ecwid App Market.

Ecwid is russian-rooted company, and despite selling the startup to Lightspeed, according to public sources they still have developer offices in Russia. We tried to reach Ecwid and Lightspeed several times, but we have not received any comments about that case unfortunately.

Being Ukrainian-rooted company ourselves, and having a lot of our team members in Ukraine, it is essential for us not to cooperate with companies that work and pay taxes in Russia, directly or indirectly supporting Russian invasion to Ukraine.

We really hope that Ecwid actually moved their offices out of Russia, or at least they are going to do this in the nearest future. 

We'll be happy to list our app again as soon as we'll get any updates or comments from Ecwid, but meanwhile we remove the possibility of installing the app to new Ecwid stores.

We'll be supporting all the existing Ecwid merchants using our app at the moment, and all the payments from existing will be transferred to charity funds in support of Ukraine.


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