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How to manage panels

How to add accordion widget to my Product page?

Our app has two ways to add accordion to your products: Standard panels and Static panels. Standard panels are created based on your Product Description text. In other words, app just splits your Product Description onto separate panels. So you add all the content directly in Shopify's native Edit Product page. If you'd like unique set of accordion panels for each product, you should use that option. Here's video explaining how Standard panels work:  


Another option is Static Panels. These panels are added in our app admin panel (Shopify Admin -> Apps -> EasySlide -> Manage Static Panels) and you may create a tab once and it will be added to all your Products (or wide range of them). This way is useful for some content that is the same for all the products, like Shipping terms, Reviews tab and so on. Here's short video explaining how Static panels work:  


How to create Static Panels?

Here's short video explaining how to add Static Panels to your Product: 


How to create Standard Panels?

Here's short video explaining how to add Standard Panels to your Product: 


How to create FAQ page?

Here's short video explaining how to create FAQ page with Accordion widget: 


How to upload image to Static Panel?

We do not host images on our server. Instead, you may host them directly on your Shopify Store:

  1. Go to Settings -> Files -> Upload files
  2. Upload your file
  3. Copy file URL from the URL field
  4. Paste that URL to Source box field in our app
How to add panel with Reviews?

To add Shopify Reviews (or another Reviews app supported by EasySlide) as separate panel you should perform following steps:

1) Install Shopify Reviews app itself (just install, no need to add any codes to your template)
2) Go to our app settings -> Manage Static Panels and add Static panel called Reviews and select "Shopify Reviews" in Type dropdown list. Don't forget to enable this panel.

Actually that's it. If you'll have any troubles, please contact our support team by email and we'll check that for you.


I've installed EasySlide, but don't see app on my Product page. Why?

In some cases app may fail to add its code to your templates automatically (due to custom theme structure, or some 3rd party apps installed). In this case we'll need to add app code to your Product template manually.

Please grant our support team access to your Store admin (Themes section), so we may check and make sure app is working properly. You may send invitation to Please also drop us a line and explain what exactly is wrong.

Accordion was working properly, but disappeared after new theme installation.

During app installation it adds some code to your Theme's templates. If you installed new theme after the app, it will miss required code and app will not work.

The easiest way to fix that is to go to App settings -> Installation -> Click "Install app code" button.

If it won't help, then you may grant our support team access to your Store Admin - we'll add required code to your templates manually, and make sure app is working properly. You may send invitation to Please don't forget to send us an email explaining your problem.

I have additional Product template and app does not work there.

If you have more then one product template in your theme, then in some cases app may fail to add it's code to all the templates automatically. In this case app will require custom installation. Please grant our support team an access to your store Admin, and we'll add app code to your other Product templates also. You may send invitation to Please don't forget to send us an email explaining your problem.

There are some empty panels in the accordion widget. How may I remove them?

Most probably your Product Description contains empty Heading tag you've chosen to create accordion in app settings. Probably you've added Heading, then removed text, but Heading tag is still there (but not visible in Shopify WYSIWYG editor as it contains no text), and app still recognizes it as panel heading and creates panel for it.

To fix that please go to that Product in Shopify Admin, switch WYSIWYG editor to HTML View and remove empty Heading tags, like this:


If you'll have any difficulties, you may always ask our support team to check that for you. Just grant us access to your Store Admin contact our support team by email

How to grant you access to my Store Admin?

To send an invitation please go to Shopify Admin -> Settings -> Account -> Staff Members -> Add a staff member and send me an invitation. You may use following email address:

I removed app, but Accordion widget is still there, how to remove it?

If accordion is still there, then most probably you haven't disabled app before removal. If you did not do that, you may need to remove app code manually. To do that please go to your theme, open product.liquid template and replace following line:

{% include 'product-description-slider' %}

with following one:

{{ product.description }}


Is it possible to have multiple accordions on one page?

Yes, you may add several separate accordions to your FAQ page. To do that just add following separator line to your FAQ page text (make sure to switch to "Show HTML" first):

<!-- acsplit -->

App will consider that as end of previous accordion widget, and further headings will be rendered and as another separate accordion.

When I click panel heading, the page jumps down to the selected panel. How can i disable that?

This effect may be disabled in App settings -> Layout settings -> uncheck "Auto-scroll page to Accordion by clicking on Heading" checkbox

How to change font / size / color?

Our app id pretty flexible in terms of design. You may customize accordion widget look and feel in the Layout Settings section of our app's settings.

If you need more specific changes, you may just use your theme CSS file to customize widget to fit your needs. If you're not familiar with CSS you may always contact our support team, and we'll help you with required adjustements.

Other questions

Is accordion content indexable by search engines?

Yes, all the accordion content is added to your page HTML content on the server side, so it's fully indexable by search engines.

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