EasySlide FAQ

How to add accordion widget to my Product page?

Our app has two ways to add accordion to your products: Standard panels and Static panels. Standard panels are created based on your Product Description text. In other words, the app just splits your Product Description into separate panels. So you add all the content directly in Shopify's native Edit Product page. If you'd like a unique set of accordion panels for each product, you should use that option.

Here's a video explaining how Standard panels work:

Another option is Static Panels. These panels are added in our app admin panel (Shopify Admin -> Apps -> EasySlide -> Home -> Shared sliding panels) and you may create a panel once and it will be added to all your Products (or a wide range of them). This way is useful for some content that is the same for all the products, like Shipping terms, Reviews, and so on.

Here's a short video explaining how Static panels work: