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How to measure conversions with EasyOrder app for Shopify and Facebook Pixel

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EasyOrder app triggers special Facebook event to pass submitted order details to Facebook pixel, so you may track your conversions.

To make it work with your store you should perform the following steps:

STEP 1. Make sure you have Facebook Pixel added to your store. Go to Shopify Admin -> Online Store -> Preferences -> Facebook Pixel:


STEP 2. Login to your Facebook account and go to Click “View Pixel Code” button:


STEP 3. Copy Pixel code and let’s add it to the app’s settings. Go to Admin Panel -> Apps -> EasyOrder -> Form Settings:


STEP 4. Paste the Facebook Pixel code to the appropriate field and save changes once you’re done:


That's it, Facebook Pixel should track your conversions now. Any questions? Please feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions.

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