5 Must-Know Mobile Commerce Facts from Market Leaders

5 Must-Know Mobile Commerce Facts from Market Leaders
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Mobile commerce is on the rise, it is reported by BI Intelligence that by 2020 mobile commerce will amount to 45% of total e-commerce, making $284 billion in sales. All global leaders are in the know, well prepared, and keep maintaining its own statistics to make a use of it to grow their businesses. Read below interesting mobile commerce facts and statistics from the market leaders.

Holiday shopping in 2015 clearly stated that mobile shopping isn't slowing down, but continues to grow steadily. While users know exactly what mobile experience they need, the retailers is still working on finding the ways to deliver that experience, and a smooth and quick mobile checkout has been a major issue so far.

Mobile share of e-commerce

2. 61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience. (Latitude)

More and more people use their smartphone as a primary device and as they use it more, they also tend to spend more using a smartphone. And the retailers have to take care of good mobile experience to create better opportunities for their consumers.

3. 81% of the retailers state that the objective of mobile for their company is to drive revenue to their website. (Deloitte)

There are over 900 000 apps available for iOS devices, and this number is growing because the barriers to building and distributing mobile apps have been reduced greatly. All leading e-commerce solutions now offer easy ways to build mobile apps with no technical expertise required. Here is an example of such Shopify iOS app solution, you can also find similar solutions for BigCommerce, Volusion and other leading e-commerce platforms.

4. Not having a mobile optimized website is like closing your store one day each week (Google)

Despite the fact that greater half of users prefer viewing goods on mobile devices, still desktops have higher conversion rates compared to mobile, and that is food for thought for retails on how to improve mobile conversion in 2017. 

Share of digital orders by device

5. Tablet users spend 50% more than PC users. (Adobe)

We saw many retailers launching their mobile apps for the first time last year and scrambling to the app store top with them. In the year to come we still don`t need to abandon those apps, but rather focus on how to make them a source of perks and benefits for the brand`s most loyal customers, which would result in better user mobile engagement and higher mobile conversion rates.


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