EasySearch App Introduces New Features for Shopify Year Make Model Search

EasySearch App Introduces New Features for Shopify Year Make Model Search
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The Year Make Model ‑ EasySearch app's latest update takes things to the next level, introducing a Fitment Table for product pages and a Universal Product. These features commit to enhance the user experience and simplify store management.

Introducing Fitment Table: A Game-Changer for Product Discovery

The new fitment table feature allows store owners to display product compatibility information directly on the product page. This is a significant leap forward, allowing customers to determine effortlessly if a product meets their specific requirements. Incorporating this feature can significantly reduce the chance of returns and increase customer satisfaction. A fitment table is not just an addition; it transforms how customers interact with your products and ensures they quickly find what they need.

Universal Product Feature: Simplifying Inventory Management

With the universal product feature, merchants can assign a single product to multiple search criteria within the EasySearch app. This means that the same product can appear in search results for various makes, models, and years without duplicate listings. This feature simplifies inventory management and ensures potential customers can quickly discover products.

Benefits of Implementing Fitment Table and Universal Product

The fitment table and universal product features provide number of benefits for merchants and customers:

  • Improved product discoverability: Customers can easily find products they need, even if they don't know the exact product name.
  • Enhanced user experience: The fitment table provides essential information on the product page. As a result - customers can make informed purchases.
  • Increased conversion rates: By improving the UX and making it easier for customers to find the right products, stores can potentially increase sales and reduce cart abandonment.
  • Simplified inventory management: With Universal products, you no longer need to duplicate entries in the app, significantly reducing the time you spend setting things up.
Year Make Model Search - EasySearch Shopify App

Year Make Model ‑ EasySearch

Year Make Model Search. Multi-dropdown search by Make, Model, and Year. Search solution for auto parts, electronics, gadgets stores, etc.

Final Thoughts

The EasySearch Shopify app is essential for automotive, electronics, gadgets, etc., store owners looking to improve site search experience and navigation. It makes it even easier for customers to find the products they need, leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Join the ranks of successful Shopify stores and turn browsing into buying with EasySearch - Year Make Model Search today.


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