Best places you should visit to find ideas for your ecommerce business

Best places you should visit to find ideas for your ecommerce business
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In a rapidly developing digital commerce world it`s not a secret anymore how much potential e-commerce business has. With that idea in mind, many entrepreneurs want to take this opportunity of the fast growing online market and set up their e-commerce stores.

While with Shopify platform it`s not a question how to set up a web store, and with EasyMobile app it`s not a question how to go mobile with your Shopify web store easily and in no time, the most difficult part is actually figuring out what exactly to sell.

This week NexusMedia team compiled for you a list of places to visit to find or generate great ideas of products to sell in your e-commerce store.

1. Start with yourself

Shopify product list

Before digging into Internet, ask yourself what you have already. It may happen, that you have been keeping an idea of your online business for years already.

Consider the following questions when you make a list of the ideas:

  • What are the products or services you are passionate about?
  • What are the products or/and services that could make your life easier?
  • What are the products or services your friends and family are interested in?

When you make a list, try to make a research to discover the potential of the niche you come up with and see the offering in the market. 

2. Online consumer trend publications

Shopify consumer trends

Online consumer trend publications is not only an interesting read for yourself to learn about new products and emerging industries, but also a great way to follow the trends and be able to notice the growing interest in some products or services on early stages. This could be a great opportunity to set up your online store and see how it goes before you have too many competitors in the market.

Here is a few resources to check for online consumer trends:

  • Google Trends is a tool that shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages. You may filter the items by categories and geographies to narrow down your search results.
  • Trend Watching is an independent team of professionals that scans the globe to identify consumer trends and insights.
  • Trend Hunter - one of the biggest trends and trends spotting communities about business, emerging markets, shopping, innovation and many more.

3. B2B Marketplaces

Shopify B2B market

Getting the ideas from the right source is a good way to go. The story wouldn`t be complete without one of the leading marketplaces, that you probably have heard about already, - Alibaba. Though Alibaba has competitors, such as Made-in-China and TradeKey, still it`s the most popular wholesale and manufacturing site that connects vendors across the world.

There is not much you can`t find there, so go and check this website as a great source of product ideas.

4. Online Consumer Marketplaces

Shopify Consumer marketplace

Continuing the topic of marketplaces, we can`t help but mention such well-known B2C marketplaces as:

  • AliExpress - the marketplace from Alibaba, but for B2C sector, which allows you to order products in small quantities.
  • Amazon - the largest Internet retailer.
  • Etsy - the most popular handmade items marketplace.
  • eBay - the largest online consumer e-auction site.

On each website you can find the section with trending products that will help you come up with the ideas for the products to sell.

5. Instagram


Instagram is a great way to scan through not only pics of kittens and food, but also through the things that are in trend now, and get easily inspired with the ideas that are reinforced by beautiful visual content.

Try to search items using hashtags (#) and see how it resonates with what you are interested to sell and with what others interested to buy.

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