Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales results 2016

Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales results 2016
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The overall year holidays sales haven’t finished yet with winter season, and particularly Christmas, approaching, but there are already definitive results for Black Friday, as well as for Cyber Monday. It was expected that online sales for retailers would get 10% boost compared to the previous year, with the exact volume reaching $117B, according to the National Retail Federation report.

The real results of online entrepreneurs in the US were slightly different, exceeding on two out of three main shopping days, except the Thanksgiving with $1.93B instead of estimated $2B for that date, as Adobe Digital Insight’s data provided. The five-day purchase period actually brought 15% more compared to 2015.

Among electronics, the list of most popular purchased items on Black Friday included Apple’s MacBook and iPads, LG and Samsung TVs, as well as Microsoft Xbox. The same Xbox, Samsung 4K TVs and iPads were still among best sellers on Cyber Monday, with some more top selling gadgets, such as Sony PS4 and Fire TV stick brought by Amazon. According to this major seller, the Dot was also popular during that holiday weekend.

Black Friday Online Shopping Stats

As it was stated by Adobe Digital Insights, the margin between the expected revenue in the US e-commerce and the achieved amount reached approximately $300M, meaning the annual growth rated up to 21.6 percent with $3.34B against $3.05B. And there is also another notable fact about this Black Friday. It was actually the first time among holiday sales when over a billion dollars ($1.2B) were generated through m-commerce, through Shopify mobile apps or other similar e-commerce platforms. Such a sum contributes to the 33% increase in comparison to the last year’s purchases through mobile devices.

Therefore, getting ready for sales season in advance can be a strategic move. If you are a Shopify user, the easiest way for you to schedule sales is to use the EasySale Shopify app that provides you with wide functionality to manage sales.

If you are not a Shopify user yet, you may have ask yourself a question: why would I need a Shopify store for this holiday season? This platform was designed to empower your business via e-commerce presence, so you won’t lose the 64% revenue acquired via desktop purchases, which still remain the obvious leader among online sales channels.

According to First Data, the mobile shopping also shows impressive results, as smartphones were assignable for almost a half of page visits (45%) and purchases bringing 24% of the whole online market on Black Friday, while the visits (10%) and sales (11%) through tablets were almost identical with Thanksgiving Day results.

E-commerce Results for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday online sales also set the record increase by 12.1% compared to the previous year. Exceeding any predictions, this day became the largest one within the history of the US online shopping by bringing $3.45B of sales.

Surprisingly, desktops were more popular for bringing traffic and sales during that day. The exact number of visits reached 53%t, and sales were approximately 69% with 38.5% driven via search ads.

General Overview of Online Holiday Shopping

Despite the noticeable increase in traffic and sales through mobile apps and other online platforms, traditional brick-and-mortar stores cannot share the same triumph. Their Thanksgiving and Black Friday combined sales went down by 5%, and the number of transactions was 7.9% less, as stated by RetailNext.

This trend was embraced by several retailers in the US who also went online, like Target and Wal-Mart, for example. The leading e-commerce Shopify also suggests various collaborations with traditional businesses, allowing them to bring their sales to a new level, so how about scheduling sales in advance with the EasySale Shopify app?  Discover your options to bring it to them not only in winter 2016 but as long as you're eager to sell the products and services and satisfy your customers' needs.

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