Boost Sales with Shoppable Videos Using EasyVideo app for Shopify.

Boost Sales with Shoppable Videos Using EasyVideo app for Shopify.
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Meet the transformed EasyVideo Shoppable Videos - is an exciting Shopify app that empowers merchants to turn their product videos into interactive and engaging shoppable videos. In 2024, video is crucial when customers decide to purchase. Research shows shoppers viewing videos are 1.6x more likely to purchase than non-video viewers. Shoppable videos take this further by letting customers click and buy directly from the video.

Video has become an integral part of e-commerce - that's where EasyVideo for Shopify comes in. The app transforms your product videos from passive viewing experiences into clickable, shoppable journeys designed to boost engagement and sales.

EasyVideo puts you at the forefront of shoppable video tech. With it, your product videos become interactive, letting customers dive in, visualize your offerings, and buy in just a few clicks - no more distractions or fragmented experiences.

EasyVideo Shoppable Videos Key Features:

  • You can embed videos from Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Vimeo just by using the video's URL or uploading your video.
  • Place shoppable videos on any page - home page, collections, product pages, blogs, etc.
  • Multiple video layouts, including sliders, galleries, stories, and single video.
  • Incorporate user-generated content videos and customer reviews.

With its wide range of sources and attractive display options, EasyVideo seamlessly incorporates interactive videos that allow customers to learn about and instantly purchase featured products.

The Benefits of Shoppable Videos:

  • Build trust and boost conversions by showing products in action.
  • Let customers visualize how items look and work before buying.
  • Drive sales by making the buying journey easy and engaging directly with videos.
  • Leverage the popularity of social video platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Vimeo.
  • Display customer video reviews and UGC to increase credibility.

The Stats Don't Lie - Shoppable Videos Increase Sales:

According to research by Wyzowl:

  • 82% of people are convinced to purchase by watching a video.
  • 89% of shoppers wish to see more videos from brands in 2024.
  • Instagram research found - that 1-in-3 video viewers are motivated to purchase, and 38% have an improved perception of a brand or product after viewing a video.

With EasyVideo's Instagram/Youtube/TikTok integrations, merchants can tap into this powerful marketing channel.

Use Cases

  • Beauty/cosmetics brands can showcase makeup tutorials or product how-to videos that customers can purchase from.
  • Clothing retailers can use lifestyle videos that allow viewers to buy the featured outfits.
  • Consumer product companies can share engaging unboxing videos.

With its ability to embed both brand and user-generated videos in customizable galleries, carousels, and more - all with convenient shopping links - EasyVideo helps merchants capitalize on the rapidly growing demand for shoppable video commerce experiences that have been proven to boost sales and ROI.

Ready to elevate your online store with the power of shoppable videos? Install the EasyVideo app today from the Shopify App Store.

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