Easter Retail - Over Half Searches on Mobile

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Easter holiday season is coming, giving retailers a reason to get ready in advance to make the most out of the holidays opportunity.

If you are still not sure what opportunities Easter brings to mobile commerce, NexusMedia prepared a brief post on m-commerce sales stats in 2016.

What Easter Retail Sales Means for Shopify Mobile

In 2016 the majority of retail searches made over Easter holiday was on mobile devices, with 500% shopping queries increase the week before Easter Sunday.

35% of all searches were made by consumers aged between 35-49 years old, and three quarters of them were women.

Also the figures suggest that compared to the previous years, now more consumers shifting away from using mobile applications just as a search tool and using it more for making purchases. This trend will remain and strengthen in 2017.

If you run your retail business with Shopify platform and have Shopify iOS or Android app, it’s right time to start planning special offers and plan pre-holidays promotions.

If you haven’t built your mobile app yet and think that you have lost the last train for Easter opportunity, don’t give up. EasyMobile app allows building a native Shopify iOS app with no technical expertise needed and within a few clicks. Moreover, 6-month FREE trial gives you a chance to try how mobile sales channel works for you on holiday literally at no costs.

In 2016, the average spend per consumer was over $140 per shopper, and the top spend items include food, clothing, gifts, candies and flowers. When plan your holidays special offerings, besides the top purchased items to include in your promotion list, think about the ways to deliver your offers.

For those, who plan to launch mobile application to complement the web store right before Easter, it will be a good incentive for consumers to install your mobile app, if they are offered a special discount or a coupon for the app installation. It will help you not only with the app downloads, but also will push users to make their purchase to make a use of the coupon or a discount that they received for the app download.

The Effective Way to Engage the Audience

Last year’s stats suggest that the most effective way to reach your customers with the special offers is via push notifications. Clearly, not all push notifications are the same effective. If sent too often or the offering is not relevant, your customers will want to get rid of such notifications, along with the app very soon. So you will have to master the art of effective push notifications, and EasyMobile will give you a hand here by providing a way to easily compare the effectiveness of the campaigns you run.

Easter is a traditional holiday that consumers of all ages and for all badges, and typically over eight in 10 Americans plan to celebrate Easter with their friends and family.

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