Get Your Shopify Store Ready For Black Friday and Cyber Monday Challenge

Get Your Shopify Store Ready For Black Friday and Cyber Monday Challenge
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What can you expect from online users this Black Friday? The numbers provided by the tech firm Fluent are such that two out of five US shoppers in the web intend to purchase something during these holiday sales, and it’s even more relevant for Cyber Monday, as gadgets and gizmos became the top products among customers. Offering your products not only on web, but also on mobile increases your chances to make more profit during holiday shopping, since such mobile shopping decisions are more common among younger internet users preferring multi-platform internet usage - this is where the EasyMobile app comes in handy for those online entrepreneurs, who built their web stores with Shopify, and haven’t designed mobile apps for it yet.

Basic E-Commerce Conditions for This Year

Black Friday Queue

According to the data of the US Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce provided in their 2nd quarter 2016 report for retail e-commerce sales, there is the expected increase of online sales (by 1.5 percent) for the second part of this year. This fact is even more relevant for m-commerce because of two factors. Firstly, the holidays are approaching, so customers are more willing to spend. The average bill for the previous year was around 128 US dollars, as it was stated at, so you know the approximate budget. The predictions for 25th of November are set to approximately $3.1 billion only during this day, meaning about 13.3 percent online sales rise per year. And the second point is the behavior of millennials, 20 percent of which don’t use desktop at all (comScore survey), that’s why you need to draw their attention with mobile apps.

Why Do You Need to Consider Shopify iOS App and Android app?

The answer if the shift of user purchasing behavior patterns that was especially noticeable last year, when the 2015 Black Friday figures for mobile sales were up to 70 percent in comparison to the previous year, capturing 22 percent of all online shopping. Moreover, according to the released Astound Commerce Survey, mobile sales constitute about 33 percent of overall e-commerce sales, so you shouldn’t hesitate to try it for your business too. Another point provided by this survey is the reasoning: customers love researching any products beforehand, about 55 percent of asked mobile users stated this position. Furthermore, the Forrester Research report, m-commerce transactions will climb up to $142 billion for 2016, impressive, isn’t it? That’s enough to build your own niche out there.

Shopify Mobile App Stats in 2016

When it comes to Shopify, the ratio of mobile and desktop users of stores built with Shopify has been remarkably changing over years, so numbers for second-quarter 2016 results published in August show 53 percent of purchases from mobile devices, which also cover up to 64 percent of the traffic. So you know where you should start when you’re planning to boost your sales with the multichannel marketing. And the Shopify mobile experience got even more alluring with the recent addition of Android Pay and Apple Pay support, making their list of provided payment gateways one of the biggest in the market.

What Factors Are Most Important for Any Shopify Store?

If you decide to use this platform for your retail business, you should take into attention the key learnings of “Mobile Accelerates to the Express Lane” survey about the aspects found the most significant for your potential buyers:

  • The relevant product search was found necessary by 68 percent of respondents;
  • The images of higher quality seemed important for 59 percent;
  • While 49 percent of participants mentioned they need product reviews to make the actual choice.

Keep this information in mind, especially as the holistic approach to the user experience is the only way to handle these matters.

How to Improve the User Experience for Your Android or iOS Mobile App?

The main function of any mobile app isn’t the sale itself, but the engagement which drives loyalty and increases your chances of repeat buyers. What do you need for such an effect? Work on simplifying your checkout process, it should take only a few steps and it should be as transparent as possible. As it was stated by Baymart Institute, the checkout rates for mobile sales are 70 percent lower than the desktop ones, and they aren’t positive too, as two out of three shoppers constantly abandon their carts.

Shopify - Facebook Messenger

Check the Google Trends to determine the exact positions for sale, try different keywords to see the statistics, as there is no universal list of all possible items. And you can implement the promotion in more efficient way in Shopify store thanks to the integration with Facebook Messenger, as well as Pinterest and Twitter support that comes by default in every Shopify Basic Account. You may also want to use the discount code coupon generator to boost your sales and offer free shipping. These two methods always show impressive results.

Still Not Sure How to Use the Most Out Of This Black Friday Shopping?

Go mobile, if you haven’t done so, and make a good use of all available sales channels, such as social media, mobile, web - then analyze which channel was the most effective and adjust your sales strategy accordingly. 

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