Retail Mobile App Best Practices for 2017

Retail Mobile App Best Practices for 2017
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You won’t be surprised to hear about the omnichannel retail when the online sales and general commerce are mentioned nowadays. The majority of retailers care more about fulfilling expectations of their potential and actual purchasers. And that’s exactly the situation when many of them believe that mobile apps are the essential part of any e-commerce experience. Though you may already have the Shopify store or you’re considering the establishment of your new online retail enterprise, there are always many aspects that you have to implement in order to boost the actual impact.

What Makes Mobile Shopping Apps the Significant Part of Your Toolkit

The eMarketer predicts that there will be 95.1M (51.2%) digital buyers in the US in the age group over 14 who will perform at least one transaction through their smartphones. This value is simply average, but you already know what to expect if you arrange everything properly and meet the expectations of your audience. The m-commerce sales keep going up with approximately one third of all online sales, even if it’s only 2.6% of overall sales in retail. And smartphone buyers will contribute to the half of all mobile sales comprising $75.51B in 2017. Just like Apple products remain the leaders in the US when it comes to purchases, so you cannot go wrong here opting for Shopify iOS app for your Shopify web store.

The Use of Digital-First and Bricks-And-Clicks Retail Apps Worldwide

As provided by the App Annie’s data, retailers with mobile presence will have more opportunities to engage their customers. The digital-first apps show 25% annual growth, while bricks-and-clicks retail apps are impressive with their 30% year by year. You should contemplate how to evolve a new holistic e-commerce concept and get your mobile app for Shopify in both cases, as statistics demonstrate that even in-store shoppers refer to online research and compare prices and other product information in 42%.

According to Criteo, the US mobile consumers prefer smartphones for their transactions, so the total usage reaches up to 60%. And there are countries where mobile shopping takes major positions, like Japan, South Korea and Germany. Moreover, this trend is developing, so it’s predicted that the role of retail app will become even more noticeable with the improvement of security technologies, better user experience and, obviously, higher business competition. That’s why it’s necessary to think about solutions like a mobile app for your Shopify store in order to address the needs of your potential buyers. 

The Mobile Success 2016 Holiday Season

Global market may also show impressive results, and China is the actual front runner for holiday shopping, their Singles Day brought $17.7B in 2016, and the main market Alibaba got over $12B alone in merely 12 hours. Credit lines offered to buyers were also one of the main reasons why they were able to acquire such an extensive amount of shoppers last year. Overall, it’s forecasted by many analysts that Asia will be the next region showing the biggest numbers in retail, as the US market is close to its possible limits.

Despite such expectations, the US holiday sales also showed new records. For instance, Thanksgiving and Black Friday brought over $5B, meaning 17.7% of annual increase, as provided by Adobe Digital Insights.

Best Retail App Practices to Implement This Year

The retailer’s revenue and conversion rates are driven by the ease provided to the customers, and that’s a key point to remember when building any iOS mobile app for such purposes, as it has to deliver the useful product display together with absolutely smooth processing and rational battery usage. Criteo’s data showed that purchasers browsed 286% more goods via mobile apps in comparison to mobile web users, leading to 90%t higher add-to-basket rate in that case. Add push notifications with personalization, explore new technologies, offer more payment options, and, as a result, your audience will surely appreciate your efforts to engage them.

Therefore, you should trust us that going mobile is a kind of operational standard for contemporary businesses. Check the trends to learn more about consumer behavior, so you can use such practices to promote your solely digital store like Shopify or transform your business into powerful bricks and clicks with cross-device shopping offered to your customers. For instance, buyers amounted to about 40% of all transactions made with multiple gadgets in the US, and global e-commerce transactions through various devices reached 50%.

General Aspects Important for Your Online Business in 2017

The Shopify mobile solutions have all the required instrumentality to face this retail challenge. Furthermore, it’s been a while since such apps became a mainstream, so you have to impress your shoppers not only with the app’s presence, but the user friendliness it can offer. With EasyMobile, you’ll achieve this demanding aim efficiently not only by converting your store into a native Shopify iOS app, but also obtaining this considerable assistance fitting the time and expense expenditure adequately.

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