What Merchants Have to Know About Going Mobile

What Merchants Have to Know About Going Mobile
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Mobile has changed the way retailers do business, and the way how consumers now research and purchase goods gave merchants the new opportunity to connect and engage with the users.

All leading retailers have incorporated mobile apps in their businesses, as they perfectly understand that going mobile is a smart step forward. According to Google, already back in 2016 over 50% of consumers used their smartphone as a part of purchase process.

EasyMobile is the app for Shopify that helps merchants easily go mobile by converting their web store to a fully native Shopify iOS app within minutes and with no technical expertise needed.

According to AppAnnie research, online retailers now are seeing faster growth compared to bricks and mortar companies. So there are a few lessons for traditional merchants to learn from online ones. By following the best practices developed by online retailers traditional companies can increase conversions and improve customer loyalty to their brand.

The Best Practices That Retailers Have to Adopt When Go Mobile

User Acquisition

Optimize Your Mobile App

Search is a driver of app discovery, so do proper App Store Optimization. Make sure your app name and keywords that you use are highly relevant to what your app offers and associates with what and how your target audience search for such products and services. Also try avoiding highly competitive search terms, which will make it easier for your app to be discovered by the users.

Consider having your app featured at App Store launch - this can help you to significantly boost app downloads. Make a research to find out the terms for your app to be featured and search for the information how it helped to the other apps to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

As the practice shows, advertising strategy will be changing constantly based on your goals and activity of your competition. The most important thing here is not only choose the right advertising network, but also precisely identify your goals and metrics you will use to measure the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

Users Engagement

User Push Notifications

The introduction of rich push notifications in iOS 10 allows retailers to use video, GIFs and images in notification within their iOS mobile app. Push notifications is a powerful tool to re-engage your customers and don’t let them forget about your app. Always keep in mind that only 26% of apps installed on smartphones used daily, so with the right use of push notifications you can have your app be included in that share.

However, don’t spam your consumers and find the happy medium in your push-notification strategy. Measure the effectiveness of each campaign and see what works best for your app and your target audience. With EasyMobile mobile app for Shopify you already have this feature covered.

Offer Customer Service Within Your App

Many leading m-commerce have customer service integrated into their apps, offering live chats. In this way consumer will feel safe that in case any assistance is needed, they can always have someone at hand. It’s important though to really have someone available to help users out with their questions, otherwise such service will not do any good to your app. Therefore access your resources and incorporate this feature only in case you can maintain the service.

Streamline And Improve Mobile Shopping Experience

First, make sure that your check-out process is easy and clear for the users - they have to be able to complete a purchase within minimum clicks. Pay attention to user behavior on the check-out as well as collect abandoned carts stats in order then to analyze this information and find factors that prevented those users from being converted into your customers.


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