How you can showcase your product with Spin Studio

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How you can showcase your product with Spin Studio

“I like to move it, move it”… This is what online shoppers think when dragging or rotating an image. Interactive content dramatically increases engagement and sales, many research papers back that statement up. Users prefer to control an image or video instead of sitting back and just watching. Now that you know customers are interested in this appealing and informative content type, don't miss your opportunity to tell them more about your product!

Before we get started, we want to remind you that even if auto spin mode is on, your customers will still be able to control the image.

The Effect of 3D

3D lets your customers rotate your product image and examine the item from any angle. This is the most popular way to showcase products:

Besides horizontal spin, you can capture images from different angles and combine them into one row. That will help to create a broader view of your product if needed.

If your product is presented in several colors, why not show each of them on a 3D picture? This will save time for both you and the customer, because you can show all the available product options in just one rotating image.

The color change option looks the best when auto spin mode is ON.

Also, you can show 360 product views in all positions:

Animated images

Animate your product so your clients can see at a glance how it works. You can use a rotating platform or not.

You can also combine rotation and animation to show the functionality of every part of your product:

Tell a story

With SpinStudio, you can create short, fancy animations without any effort or loss in image quality, unlike GIFs. Upload a set of images (up to 24 shots) to create a catchy animation in no time. What’s more, you can place the animation anywhere on your product page. People love funny visuals, and they work as well as interactive images. Visitors watch them right to the end. Take advantage of this and try to convey the essence of your product or brand.

Here are some great examples to inspire you:

We hope these tips were useful. Think out of the box and be creative! Try different methods to find your best formula for product presentation.

Your SpinStudio team

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