Doc 404 FAQ

How does the Doc 404 app work?

When your customer hits a 404 page, the app tracks this visit and records the page URL in the Broken Links section of the Doc 404 app.

The list of broken links.png

To prevent traffic flow to the 404 page, you need to create a redirect for it - click the "Fix" button.

Then, in the Create Redirect section, you need to assign a Redirect to URL to this broken link and click the Save button. Redirect to URL - this is where your customers will be sent instead of a 404 page.

Fix broken link by creating 301 redirect in Doc 404 app

You can find this redirect in the Redirects section of the Doc 404 app. From this page, you can create new redirects or find and manage existing ones. Search let's find redirects by text from the URL slugs.

Shopify 301 redirects list