EasyTabs FAQ

How to add tab with Reviews?

EasyTabs app supports these Shopify review apps:

  1. YotPo Reviews
  2. YotPo QA (YotPo Premium only!)
  3. Kudobuzz Reviews
  4. Judge.Me Reviews
  5. Recommendify
  6. Loox Reviews
  7. Verified Reviews App
  8. Ryviu
  9. Kiwi Sizing
  10. Ultimate Size Chart
  11. Rivyo Product Review
  12. LAI AliExpress Reviews
  13. Fera Product Reviews App

To add reviews as separate tab panel follow next steps:

  1. Install Shopify Reviews app itself (just install, no need to add any codes to your template)
  2. Go to our App Dashboard -> Shared Tabs and click "Add Shared Tab".
  3. Select necessary review app from the Type dropdown list.
  4. Adjust other settings if needed and Save changes.

Actually that's it. If you'll have any troubles, please contact our support team by email support@nexusmedia-ua.com and we'll check that for you.